Power Flushing

Power Flushing will keep your central heating system clean and performing well. Contact AMS Heating & Plumbing (based in South Wales) to book today

Power Flushing is a maintenance technique applied to central heating systems to help keep them working at their optimum performance level. Power Flushing is effective at removing sediment, sludge and other debris that inevitably builds up in the system over a period, thereby assisting in enabling the normal flow throughout the complete central heating system.

Use our Power Flushing service to clear your radiators and pipework of any sediment build up and help prevent any potential blockage. This will improve efficiency of your heating, providing better heat output, reducing running costs and help to prolong the life of the system components and boiler, as well as reduce the risk of future expensive repair/replacement bills.

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Does My System Need Power Flushing?

If you're wondering whether your central heating system would benefit from power flushing, some of the common symptoms are radiator cold spots, radiators that often require bleeding, central heating pumps failing and boiler kettling. Of course, you may not identify any of these symptoms, but if you're system is a few years old, the chances are a power flush will make a noticeable difference. Thinking about it, sludge or sediment won't just disappear, it will settle and if this becomes excessive it will likely lead to problems, problems that can be avoided with power flushing.

Why Choose Us?

As with all our heating and plumbing services, the Power Flushing service is carried out by our fully qualified engineers experienced and knowledgeable all aspects of central heating systems and in Power Flushing. To ensure your system is working to its highest level, contact AMS Heating & Plumbing today to book your system power flush. You can reach us on 01495 223 127 or send us an enquiry.

Power Flushing

Ensure your central heating system is performing, book a power flush today

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